About the Visualisation On the visualisation map, each circle represents an NHS service loaded from our dummy data source. The size of the circle corresponds to usage data for that service i.e. the bigger the circle the more patients using the service. The lines between each service represent patient referrals between services. Again, the thickness of the line corresponds to the number of referrals. This visualisation is from an early stage demo of the PAVE application. It is currently being update for the next PAVE release.

PAVE: Flow

Patient Access Visualisation Engine

Welcome all policy makers, comissioners, managers and medics around the world fighting the Coronavirus Pandemic. This page is a demo of our PAVE tool can be used to visualise referrals between NHS services. The aim of this tool is to assist you in understanding how people move around the NHS system.

For more information about PAVE or to contact us about potential other implementations of our application head to pave-health.org

How to Use

The colours used in this application are designed to be high contrast and accessible to those with colourblindness.